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Roberto Santori

Roberto Santori wants you to trade with confidence. As a veteran forex trader, Roberto has helped hundreds of traders in overcoming their trading problems by instilling confidence in simple, effective methods of forex trading.

You will learn how to find high probability trading setups in less than a minute, you will see how to find trades without sitting in front of the computer all day, you will understand the difference between a true breakout trade and a false breakout, and you will get the key to unlocking trend trading.

Roberto is here to help you and when you join his trading room at The Forex Circle, you will see a professional trader make trading decisions every day.

Indicators For the Trade Room

If you are looking for the indicators for the trade room, please download them here:
support and resistance indicator
rainbow indicator
DeMark trendlines

Daily Income with Roberto Santori

Roberto Santori, 11-year forex veteran, is fond of simple and powerful trading strategies. He trades price action patterns, volatile news events, and even finds time to hunt for profits  during low-volatility (particularly during the Asian session). Roberto is a well-rounded trader   who enjoys trading and is willing to share his enthusiasm with those traders who join him in his live trading room (Asian and New York sessions). Click here to Join Roberto’s live trading room.